SEW launches new energy-efficient motor

Leading drive solutions group SEW-Eurodrive has released the MOVIMOT ‘D’, extending the continuous operating power of its renowned MOVIMOT range of inverter/geared motor combinations to 4kW.

The MOVIMOT ‘D’ provides industry with one of the most flexible energy-efficient decentralised drive solutions.

The new unit incorporates SEW-Eurodrive’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) – compliant and “high efficiency” DR motor series and backwards-compatible with previous MOVIMOT versions.

According to SEW-Eurodrive strategic marketing and product manager, Darren Klonowski, the MOVIMOT ‘D’ combines the advantages of decentralised control with the latest in energy-efficient motor technology.

“Industry now has access to an all-in-one field-mountable MEPS-compliant drive solution,” said Klonowski.

“The MOVIMOT ‘D’ is perfect for standard variable speed applications, and thanks to its advanced on-board mechanical brake control functionality, the MOVIMOT “D’ can accommodate a range of hoisting applications.”

Rated to -30ºC ambient temperature, the MOVIMOT ‘D’ is also perfect for deep-freeze, cold storage and warehousing applications.

An elegant space-saving solution, the MOVIMOT ‘D’ provides users with a perfectly matched inverter/geared motor combination.

“The MOVIMOT ‘D’ is fitted with a drive identity module (DIM) which stores individual motor parameters on board, eliminating motor commissioning at start up, said Klonowski.

“Most variable speed applications can be easily set through DIP switches and thumbwheels, he said.

”The integrated monitoring capability of the MOVIMOT ‘D’ includes functions such as motor protection. This means a separate device is not required to monitor stat or winding temperature. This saves space and capital cost.”

The MOVIMOT ‘D’ is compatible with SEW-Eurodrive’s MOVFIT decentralised drive system. MOVIMOT ‘D’ supports RS-485 serial communications, plus a range of industrial fieldbus protocols, such as, Profibus, DeviceNet and Interbus.

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