SEW launches high-speed gearmotor solution


Australia’s premier drives solutions provider SEW-Eurodrive has launched the W37 and W47 right-angle gear unit ranges at National Manufacturing Week 2009 in Melbourne.

These are the latest additions to the company’s popular 7 Series range of modular
geared motor solutions.

Featuring gear ratios as low as 3.2, the new W37 and W47 right-angle gearmotor
ranges provide Australian manufacturers with high output speeds and new levels of
drive-train efficiency.

The W37 and W47 ranges deliver torques from 70 to 110Nm and 100 to 180Nm respectively, making both new series ideal for a wide range of conveying applications.

Energy-efficient by design, the W37 and W47 right-angle gearmotor ranges incorporate a two-stage gearing arrangement--the first stage comprises a helical gear arrangement,
while the second stage incorporates SEW-Eurodrive’s patented SPIROPLAN gearing configuration. The end-result is an energy-efficient right-angled gearmotor series
capable of delivering high output speeds.

“The combination of speed and efficiency is especially valuable in the modern manufacturing sector,” said SEW-Eurodrive Strategic Marketing and Product Manager, Darren Klonowski.

“The W37 and W47 gearmotors are ideal – they deliver the high-speed output required, and their right-angle configuration makes them perfect for mounting directly on the conveyor,” he said.

SEW also unveiled a new family of locally assembled extended bearing distance (EBD)
gear units at NMW.

The EBD MC Compact series of helical and helical-bevel gear units has been engineered
to absorb the high bending moments and axial forces that occur in mixer and agitator

The Australian-assembled EBD MC Compact series is available now in various mounting
arrangements and configuration options, and offered in five sizes, with torque ratings of 16 to 48kNm, suitable for motor powers up to 250 kW.

SEW-Eurodrive also showcased its new MOVI-PLC Kinematics PLC/motion controller
at the show.

Combining kinematics control with conventional motion control, the MOVI-PLC now provides manufacturers with six- ‘degree of freedom’ controllability – comprising three-dimensional positioning and three planes of orientation – delivering new levels of motion control flexibility.

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