SEW extends ‘all-in-one’ drive system

Drive solutions innovator, SEW-Eurodrive, has released the Movigear ‘B’ — the latest
extension to the company’s Movigear family of all-in-one decentralised mechatronic drive systems.

Like its predecessor, the Movigear ‘B’ series comprises motor, gear-unit and drive
electronics in a single, compact housing.

Additional features such as four communication variant options, new safety functionality and a specific wet area variant, make the Movigear ‘B’ one of the most versatile decentralised drive solutions now available.

“The new Movigear ‘B’ line-up has a permanent-field servomotor, highly efficient gearings and new electronic components with intelligent control modes,” says Darren Klonowski, SEW-Eurodrive VIC Sales and Product Manager.

“The result is a mechatronic drive that is able to deliver up to 300 per cent start-up
torques with optimised constant-speed power consumption. End-users can expect energy cost savings as high as 30 to 40 per cent compared to traditional solutions, making this an all-in-one cost-effective drive option for conveyor applications across a wide range of industries.”

The Movigear ‘B’ is offered in the following communication variants: Movigear DBC-B
(Direct Binary Communication), Movigear DAC-B (Direct AS-Interface Communication), Movigear SNI-B (Single Line Network Installation) and Movigear DSC-B (Direct SBus Communications).

“The extended choice of communication variants allows users to implement decentralised drive applications across a range of installation and communication topologies,” says Klonowski.

“This provides industry with optimised installation and operational flexibility.”

Featuring a hygienic housing, Movigear ‘B’ is ideal for a wide range of application.

“Movigear ‘B’ features a smooth housing without external fins. The totally enclosed design prevents debris build-up, and also serves to reduce noise,” says Klonowski.

“A special ‘wet-area’ variant with anti-stick surface coating is also available, making this an ideal drive solution for applications where hygiene is paramount.”

The entire Movigear ‘B’ series is equipped with Safe Torque Off (STO) integrated safety
functionality as standard, designed to SIL 3 according to IEC 61800-5-2.

This guarantees that torque cannot be generated out of the Movigear when the safety-related STO input is activated.

The Movigear ‘B’ is offered in two constant torque sizes — 200 and 400Nm — and is available in a choice of keyless TorqLoc, or keyed hollow-shaft mounting system.

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Ph: 03 9933 1000