SEW-Eurodrive unveils ‘Smart Servo’ package

Drive solutions leader SEW-Eurodrive has launched a Smart Servo package designed to make a servomotor drive automation task simpler and faster to implement.

The Smart Servo Package contains all necessary components for a complete automation solution in a coordinated package.

SEW-Eurodrive’s Smart Servo Package comprises programmable or purely configurable SEW controllers, flexible servo universal inverters, highly dynamic servomotors close coupled to optional compact servo gear units and “ready to use” accessories.

It has been specifically optimized to suit most application criteria in the power range up to 1.5 kW and in the voltage range of 1 x 230VAC.

The Smart Servo Package enables the creation of purely programmable or graphically configurable automation solutions, says SEWEurodrive Product Manager, Darren Klonowski.

“The use of a graphic configuration wizard to enter all axis-to-axis relationships and preconfigure application properties removes the need for time consuming programming,” he says.

“This, combined with diagnostic tools helps to accelerate the commissioning and start-up process as well as facilitate drive monitoring and troubleshooting.”

The Smart Servo Package is underpinned by the introduction of a new product into SEW’s range of frequency inverters: the Movitrac LTX.

A universal servo inverter, the Movitrac LTX is SEW-Eurodrive’s first single phase servomotor controller, covering a power density up to 1.5kW.

The result is a universally deployable inverter with necessary motion control functions, high power density and simple operation.

“This single phase servo motor controller is a significant addition to our product range,” said Klonowski.

“What’s more, the Movitrac LTX really stands out with functionality and flexibility. An integrated operator keypad provides easy access to all parameters and commissioning data, while on-board digital and analog inputs/outputs, fieldbus gateway and encoder connections can all be easily accessed from the front of the unit. This means that high level control solutions for more demanding automation tasks are possible via a Moviplc position controller, while the analog interface can be utilized for simple speed control or speed-setpoint from an external position controller. This makes it universal for a wide variety of application solutions.”

The IP20 enclosure of the Movitrac LTX is equipped with an integrated brake chopper for 4-quadrant operation and is specifically designed to house a braking resistor, if required.

The Movitrac LTX is particularly suited to standard positioning tasks for multi-axis applications with dynamic control quality in small to medium-sized machine or machine

“It’s easy to use, saves time during startup and is cost-optimized for its area of application,” said Klonowski.

The standard Smart Servo Package includes SEW-Eurodrive’s CMP servomotors combined with the Movitrac LTX and prefabricated cables.

Extensions to the package can include a Movi-PLC, CCU, gateway and/or SEW’s range of servo or 7 series gear units.

The system supports connection to industrial fieldbus-based communications systems via SEW-Eurodrive range of gateways or programmable controllers.

Positioning tasks can be achieved with a Movi-PLC or CCU, alternatively, with the use of
non-SEW position controller.

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