SEW-Eurodrive thinks BIG for the future

Leading global industrial drives manufacturer SEW-Eurodrive has acquired a new building to house their Industrial Gears (IG) division.

Situated adjacent to their existing 27 and 29 Beverage drive headquarters, the new addition at 31-33 Beverage Drive, measuring 10,000 sqm, will be fitted out to produce and service the largest drives available in Australasia. The $10 million investment will be further complimented with a state of the art fit out including cranes capable of handling 50 tonne loads, automated two-pack paint line and storage capacity for in excess of 3000 pallets.

“The company is very upbeat about the future and this investment will consolidate our future growth expected within the heavy industrial drive sector,” says SEW-Eurodrive Managing Director, Robert Merola.

“Stocks will be increased therefore reducing time to market,” Mr Merola says.

Reducing lead time by weeks or even months now allows SEW-Eurodrive customers to become even more productive.

“You can imagine two months production in a mine is a significant amount,” Mr Merola says.

The philosophy of centralised assembly and decentralised service will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

“Our goal is to officially open the new complex in conjunction with the 30th anniversary next year,” Merola says.

“We can celebrate two magnificent milestones in Australia.”

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