Series E6 Flexible Energy Supply System

The Series E6 flexible energy supply system suits machines that require their cycle times to be increased even if facing constraints such as limited construction space, noise maximums, cost factors and time pressures.

On the Series E6 – which is distributed throughout Australia by Treotham Trading -  traditional pin/drilled hole combination was replaced by a spring element made of plastic. For the user, this means running smoothness, a vast reduction in noise output, minimum vibration, less wear and modularity.

Accordingly, this flexible energy supply system has applications in clean
rooms as well as for laser cutting/flame cutting systems and for measuring and testing machines.

E6 possesses extreme abrasion resistance and can be used in the fields of computer technology, microelectronics, micro system technology in chemical, biological and physical laboratories as well as in the pharmaceutical sector.

Due to its stability for high acceleration rates and high speeds, the E6 solid plastic design demonstrates its strengths in automatic component insertion machines.

As it is structured in individual links, E6 can be lengthened or shortened at any point desired and so be made to the exactly required length without any additional expenditure or effort. As is the case of all igus flexible energy supply systems, the use of screw connections is completely abandoned.

The plastic spring element is a characteristic feature of the E6. It connects the individual side parts to ensure an absolutely robust, flexible energy supply system that functions for a long times without any problems even in adverse environmental conditions and under extreme application of stress.

Recent tests affirm the spring element’s ‘freedom from wear’. After far more than 10 million bending cycles, no signs of wear could be seen on the connector, which has a shape that resembles a bone.

The so-called polygon effect, which can occur when the flexible energy supply system is being unrolled, is reduced to a minimum. The system and the application therefore become vibration  free and quieter. In combination with linear motors this is ideal as high acceleration rates and smooth running can be achieved with the E6.

Friction value is lowered by glass fibre reinforced polyamide side parts.
Elasticity of this material is seven times higher than the elasticity modulus of polypropylene.

With good values in rigidity as well as in tensile and shear forces, the E6 can travel distances between 60 and 100 metres depending on the type of flexible energy supply system selected.

A large number of energy cables can be taken up without having any
significant negative effect on the unsupported length of the E6 Series.