Sensors, Amplifiers & Controllers from CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products  has introduced FMS Force Measuring Systems AG to Australia.

FMS Force Measuring Systems AG’s expertise in web tension measurement and control is based on years of experience with applications in the processing of paper, cardboard, printing, plastics, steel, metal finishing and wire and cable manufacturing.

FMS Force Measuring Systems AG can offer a range of sensors, amplifiers and controllers to suite the following industries:

  • Cable and Wire-Tension measurement and tension control
  • Metals-Strip tension measurement and tension control
  • Paper-Tension measurement and tension control
  • Textiles-Tension control and web guiding
  • Converting-Tension control and web guiding
  • Mining-Belt scales for bulk conveyors

A complete product catalogue CD including the unique FMS Calculator tool that allows the choosing of a suitable sensor and design for your application for any tension measurement configurations is available on request.