Self-Lubricating Bearings & Drive Shafts

Noted for its high performance and low wear rate, KAron has become an ideal replacement for self-lubricating fabric-lined bearings.

According to CGB Precision Products, qualified to Mil-B-81820 and other military specifications, KAron is used in thousands of locations in jet aircraft, helicopters, ships, and selected industrial applications.


* No Lubrication

* Excellent corrosion resistance.

* High load capacity.

* Shock resistance.

* Fluid compatibility


* Extended life

* Superior performance

* No maintenance

* Cost effective


The maintenance-free, non-lubricated driveshaft

The KAflex driveshaft is a mechanical drive coupling which requires no lubrication or seals, and transmits power while accommodating high angular misalignment and length change through the use of flexible frames.


* No Lubrication

* Superior misalignment capabilities

* Fail-safe

* High torque capacity

* Damage tolerant

* Repairable


* Extended service life

* Increased reliability

* Ease of inspection

* Cost effective

KAron Hydro Bearings

Specially designed for the hydro power industry.

Using Kamatics' proven KAron self-lubricating liner and a variety of backing materials including composites, Kamatics can offer bearings and bushings for:

* Turbines

* Valves

* Locks & Gates

* Bridge Bearings

* Mooring Bits

* Penstocks

* Chains

Flyer Bows

For use in the wire industry.

Kamatics experience in the aerospace industry is used to manufacture composite flyer bows that are lighter and stronger than other bows, this permits higher speeds and reduced power consumption.

Kamatics can supply standard configurations or will design a bow to meet your specific requirements.