Self-Aligning Workholding Modules

HIGH density, high accuracy and versatility to accommodate different part sizes are benefits of the new standard SeraLock towers, pallets and WedgeLock workholding modules from Kurt Manufacturing, represented by DoAll Australia.

This new workholding system of self-aligning modules allows creation of the equivalent of a custom fixture in less time than a custom fixture can be designed.

SeraLock workholding now makes possible machining of like and unlike workpieces all in the same setup. The system employs reusable clamping components that can be mixed and matched to hold any size part.

Designed for achieving high density, highly repeatable part clamping, SeraLock towers and pallets are designed with "V" shaped serrated surfaces for precise and repeatable alignment of the WedgeLock clamping modules.

The SeraLock mounting surfaces allow quick, repeatable accuracy when repositioning modular clamping elements such as the WedgeLock. They align and clamp accurately and quickly, a requirement in today's competitive manufacturing environment.

Because of the versatility inherent in the SeraLock system, setups ranging from extremely high-density loads of small parts to single station configurations for very large workpieces can be accommodated on the same workholding surface.

SeraLock towers are available in four sided, two sided and single sided towers with a base that will mount to a horizontal machining center or an indexer for vertical machining center applications.

Sizes are available for most machining centers. Custom engineered systems are also available.