Secure drum storage with new hardcover pallet

Now you can store drums in a secure bunded area with the Hardcover Spill Pallet from Spill Station Australia.

The unit helps companies exercise due diligence and meet environmental obligations with a sump of 410L.

As well as protecting the sump from filling with rainwater, the Hardcover Spill Pallet can be locked to prevent theft of stored liquids, making it ideal for construction sites.

The rolltop cover makes it easy to access the drums secured in the unit. And the Hardcover Spill Pallet can be forklifted when fully loaded.

Made from 100 per cent virgin polyethylene, it has excellent chemical resistance and strength with a load bearing capacity of 1250kg.

Removable grates and sump plug makes decontamination of the spill pallet easy if a spill occurs.

The Spill Station range of spill pallets includes models to suit from one drum to double IBC storage.

Spill Station Australia
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