Schneider Electric and Solar Sailor ferrying for energy efficiency

Solar Sailor and Schneider Electric have signed a contract outlining Schneider Electric’s commitment to provide 190/25kW Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) systems, incorporating Schneider Electric automation and power technology, for four hybrid solar electric ferries for the Hong Kong Marine Department.

The Solar Sailor 190/25kW HMP system is approved by both the NSW Waterways and the Hong Kong Marine Department and the first vessel will be launched in November this year.

“We have been using Schneider Electric’s CitectSCADA software for eight years and integrated a single supplier solution four years ago by expanding to Schneider Electric hardware for the control systems, Solar Sailor CEO, Robert Dane said.

“This further collaboration between Solar Sailor and Schneider Electric means our customer will get the highest quality products available and 100% local support in Hong Kong.”

Lionel Finidori, managing director of Schneider Electric-Pacific Zone said: “Innovative applications such as solar electric ferries are exactly what our mission is about, to help people make the most of their energy. This is the kind of solution and technology that can help us reduce both environmental impact and energy costs at the same time.”

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