Sayfa Systems: reaching great heights in fall protection

Sayfa Systems (Sayfa) is among Australia’s leading access and fall protection product
manufacturers and distributors.

Dedicated to adhering to stringent Australian requirements, Sayfa is proactive in promoting and developing higher operational standards in the height safety industry.

Over many years, Sayfa has expressed concern regarding the lack of a competency based industry accreditation program.

Sayfa believes a program of this kind is essential to ensure Fall Arrest systems and
equipment are installed by competent, qualified or certified personnel.

The organisation is currently in discussions with industry decision makers to encourage
the implementation of this program.

Also, Sayfa is supporting the introduction of a set of guidelines and procedures for designing and determining the requirements based on specific applications for all Access and Fall Protection systems.

This includes the application of the Hierarchy of Controls, to be considered on a project-by-project basis.

Here is a summary of the four steps to control OHS hazards and risks:

  • Step 1: Indentify Hazards - know what hazards are present
  • Step 2: Assess Risks – understand the nature of the risks, the harm that could occur and the likelihood
  • Step 3: Control Hazards and Risks – determine the options for eliminating or reducing risk, select the best and implementing it
  • Step 4: Check Controls – review the implemented controls to ensure they are working as planned and are effective

Underlying these steps is ongoing communication and consultation.

Sayfa understands the importance of quality compliant systems. The organisation dedicates more than 15 per cent of its expense budget to Research and Development in the pursuit of better and safer systems.

Sayfa products are designed and manufactured in Australia and developed in conjunction with qualified engineers, NATA testing laboratories and industry specialists to ensure the highest level of product standards is achieved, whilst seeking to attain the benchmark in Access and Fall Protection systems and componentry.

Recent product launches include a 3 Sixty Surface Mount Anchor, Spyda Temporary Anchor and Vista Fold Down Ladder Range

T: 1300 301 755