Sawing Solutions

Tower-Type Cassette Storage

Efficient production is based on logistics from a single source. Rapid direct access to the long-bar material is one of the particular strengths of the DoALL/Remmert cassette storage system, for direct access to each individual cassette allows material to be retrieved without wasting time.

The flexible storage concept is evident in the variety of possibilities: the cassette tower is a low-cost solution for limited storage requirements. By minimizing the floor space occupied and making full use of the available height, it ensures an optimum ratio of storage costs to useful area.

Up to two output stations may be combined in this low cost system for greater flexibility. With a wall and roof-supporting construction, the storage system can also be set up outside existing buildings. This allows the system to feed two production lines.

Bridge-Type Storage

Large stores with low storage costs per unit are a job for the bridge-type store. Even bars up to 50 feet long can be stored in this system, in addition to standard lengths of up to 21 feet.

Thanks to the modular design, cassettes can be positioned at the machining centers in both transverse and longitudinal direction. The transverse arrangement saves space in so-called tunnel-type workplaces and machining centers can be optimally connected.

Roof and well panels can be affixed to the robust uprights to create a complete building. A structural principle that yields tax benefits.

Bridge-Type Storage With General Purpose Truck

The bridge-type storage systems can be upgraded by installing an additional general-purpose truck. The combination of two mutually independent transport systems - namely, the storage and retrieval machine and the general-purpose truck - ensures that material is readily available when required. The comparable average material throughput can be doubled in this way. Additional cassette buffers guarantee uniform capacity utilization of the sawing centers at the individual stations.

Twin-Block Cassette Storage System

A twin-block storage system finally represents the largest material buffer for production. With this system, two blocks with cassettes measuring from approx. 20' to 26' in length (possibly also three blocks with cassettes measuring approx. 16" in length) are served by a single storage and retrieval machine. Exceedingly compact large systems can be set up using the twin-block system, with unbeatably low storage costs in relation to the area occupied. Moreover, this version also offers the same advantages as the bridge-type system.

Sawing Cell

The sawing cell is a compact unit comprising the saw and single-bar storage and is exclusively dimensioned for the cutting range of the saw. It constitutes an efficient, low-cost solution for small and medium batch sizes.

Computer-controlled warehouse and sawing operation is a common feature of both the Combined Storage area and sawing cell.

All the sawing data required for order processing(material type, number of cuts, feed rate, workpiece length) are directly transmitted from the CNC saw to the warehouse management computer.

The input of relevant machine data is reduced to a minimum.

Bar management is based on automatic measurement of the bar length in the system and the bars are then transported to the saw in a manner optimizing the remaining lengths.

Inventory updates and schedule monitoring in the production department are ensured by the link with the higher-ranking computer system.

Reducing the number of personnel per shift for retrieving and cutting material represents a first step towards cost-efficient flexible production.

Combined Storage

Our success has shown that flexible production is not compatible with "mass-produced" solutions. That is why DoALL/Remmert storage systems are always designed for the particular application in question - made to measure.

We have already presented a few of the solutions available with the cassette storage system. Here are a few more possibilities for setting up and integrating a storage system in your production sequence.

Storage and machining must be treated as one in the production sequence, particularly in the case of recurrent machining processes, such as sawing, punching, cutting, etc.

Both cassettes and single bars are stored in Combined Storage systems. Manually operated machining centers are served from the cassette storage system and order-picking jobs are also handled in this area. The single-bar storage system serves an unmanned CNC saw in 24-hour operation. The physical conditions and the materials handling capabilities determine the design of the storage system. The sawing machines are chosen on the basis of a sawing analysis carried out beforehand.

The cutting method, i.e. circular or band saw, and the number of machining centers required are also determined by this analysis.

Mini System

Rapid and direct access to the metal sheet is the main strength of all DoALL/Remmert sheet storage systems. Like its big brothers, our MINI system offers unbeatable advantages as regards the storage and handling of sheet metal whether in medium, large, or maxi format.

Due to the use of rolling pallets, this cost-efficient utilization of the space available, as well as a maximum payload of up to 5.6 tons per pallet!

Matching centers or order-picking systems can be connected to one or two stations of this cost-efficient store, which can be set up as a single or twin-tower system.

Maxi System

Quality control and higher productivity are key words for reconsidering the existing production sequences. The same also applies for the desire for more flexible order processing with different batch sizes. This trend is supported by our philosophy of "Warehouse and data technology from a single source." Our holistic system creates an all-automatic production cell. The DoALL/Remmert sheet storage system is managed and controlled by the dynamic PRO LVS computer system networked with the higher-ranking MRP systems.

PRO LVS is designed to control production cells centered around the all-automatic warehouse system. Machines and other systems are supplied with raw material at the right time and in the requires quantities on the basis of computer-managed customer orders and production parts lists, taking into account machine utilization levels, availability, scheduling, warehouse utilization and a variety of optimization criteria.

Tailor-made solutions guarantee automatic 24-hour operation requiring a minimum number of personnel.

Midi System

The MIDI system combines the advantages of a rolling pallet tower with the flexibility of a multi-aisle sheet storage system. Access to all pallets and independent parallel operation at all stations are assured by the rail-bound storage and retrieval machine. A whole variety of stations appropriate to the application in question can be connected to this easily expanded storage system with a maximum installed height of 30 feet and a payload of 5.6 tons per pallet. Use of the appropriate warehouse management software and connection to the central computer system turns this sheet storage system into a sheetworking production cell - fully integrated into your production process.

Maxi System

Through its form and capabilities, the MAXI system concludes the link to a comprehensive and fully integrated large sheet warehouse. The system is designed for installation as a one-sided or two-sided system with a height of up to 80 feet. A load bearing silo construction with roof and side walls is the most effective solution here. Both standard formats and sheets in special sizes can be handled in this system. The use of several rail bound storage and retrieval machines can be of advantage in order to realize the required system throughput, particularly in the case of very large and comprehensive systems. Warehouse management software is indispensable here to take over simple materials management and order picking tasks, as well as optimization tasks within the warehouse.

Our systems are adapted to the customer's specifications, i.e. they are designed in such a way that the warehouse equipment can be adapted at any time in the line with changes in the production process.