Save on operating costs using Maxair pipe


Plant operators in today’s competitive environment know that efficiency is the key to success.

One aspect often overlooked is the compressed air pipe systems.

Internal friction and air leaks result can result in substantial pressure losses that are
irrecoverable. These pressure losses result in higher running costs for compressor plants.

Maxair polyethylene air pipes offer improved efficiency for plant operators.

The smooth bore of Maxair results in higher flow rates and lower pressure losses than steel piping.

Corrosion in metal pipe systems blocks air filters, reduces pipeline efficiency and shortens air tool life.

PE100 Maxair offers improvements on airline efficiency due to the smooth bore, and
longer air filter life due to the absence of rust, scale and oils in the pipe.

Less filtration is required with a Maxair system, as the only contaminant will be carryover from the compressor plant.

No contaminants will be produced by the pipework — a major saving in filtration and

Every day you delay in an evaluation of the efficiency of your system may result in a lower bottom line for your entire manufacturing process.

Pipe system specialists Maxair can provide an obligation free appraisal of your compressed air pipe system. For information contact Maxair.

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