Safety Showers ideal for workplace emergencies

Australian Standard AS 4775-2007 for emergency eyewash and shower equipment requires the water temperature for all such equipment to be kept between 15.6°C and 37.8°C.

Responding chemical burns with water outside of this limit can increase the damage to skin and eyes.

In conditions where ambient temperatures climb above 40°C it can be difficult to maintain compliant water temperature.

Tank showers supplied by Spill Station Australia are the ideal solution.

They are fully insulated and are available with solar shields fitted. When located in areas of extreme temperatures, a chiller unit or heating unit can also be fitted to ensure compliant water temperature.

Other optional fittings including eyewash unit, alarms, lighting and level switch can be supplied.

The 1200L is fully compliant with the Australian Standard and can be used in areas where mains water supply is not available.

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