Safety and simplicity the key to success

When high-speed precision is paramount without compromising on safety, the Linear Unit KLE from Modular Components & Automation is ideal.

The KLE is an advanced belt drive, suitable for pick and place, pallet loading and automated processes that require a move from A to B.

An important feature is the compact design. All internal functional elements are covered by the timing belt, cutting the risks to personnel of moving parts and reducing possible malfunctions caused by contamination.

The unit is capable of travelling at a speed of 10m/s and a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1mm.

The length of the units can be customised for a perfect fit within its surrounds.

The modular design also allows for KLEs to be used in combination, across x, y and z axes.

In keeping with the inherent flexibility, the KLE has the distinctive Item Aluminium grooves for various options of securing other equipment to the unit.

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