For safety and comfort switch on to these insulating gloves

With the latest range of electrical insulating gloves from Sperian Protection you can protect yourself when working with high voltage systems.

Using their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of latex treatment, Sperian has developed a range of high performance electrical gloves suitable for every application, covering working voltages from up to 500 V to 36,000 V.

The Sperian range of electrical gloves includes Latex Insulating Gloves and Composite Gloves.

Sperian’s Electrosoft Latex insulating gloves are made from a natural latex base.

They offer excellent dielectric characteristics while the thickness of the gloves allows for a high degree of dexterity.

The full range of Electrosoft Latex Insulating gloves is available from Class 00 to Class 4, for working voltages up to 360 000V.

The glove’s ergonomic design combined with a lightly powdered interior provides additional softness, increased comfort and allows for the glove to be easily donned on and off.

Made from cowhide silicone grain leather, the gloves are flexible and water repellent.

Sperian’s Electrosoft Composite Gloves can be worn when dexterity and durability is a priority.

They are available both lined and unlined and offer anatomical shaping for ease of movement. There is no need for an overglove.

Made from a natural latex base on an either interlocked cotton base (lined), cotton flock, or non-flocked chlorinated interior with an outer layer of polychloroprene, composite gloves combine mechanical resistance and comfort with a high protection level.

The gloves feature a patterned finish and offer excellent grip in damp or greasy conditions, making them ideal for outdoor jobs. They can withstand up to 17 000V. The material structure of the gloves offers short circuit electric arc protection.

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