Safetech expands low profile goods hoist range

Safetech’s low profile Goods Hoists are now available in increased capacities of up to 4000kg for the column style hoist with a wide range of booth dimensions.

The scissor lift goods hoists can be supplied in capacities exceeding 10,000kg.

The low profile goods hoist has changed the game for purchasers of goods hoists.

In most situations it is no longer necessary to pit mount the hoist.

The new goods hoist has been designed to achieve a low height of only 45mm.

This allows easy loading of the booth for most customers with hand pallet trucks, trolleys and hand trucks.

Customers save money when a pit is not required and it also allows easy relocation if repositioning of the hoist is necessary.

Safetech’s Goods Hoists also include a number of unique control options and a user interface that is intuitive and simple to operate.

Its stainless steel panel provides a level of finish more in keeping with high-end lifts and elevators than traditional goods hoists.

Safetech Goods Hoists are durable and designed to meet or exceed Australian safety and industrial standards. Installation of the low profile hoists is particularly easy without the need to dig and prepare a pit in most cases.

Bruce Cox, Safetechs’ chief designer said: “Our aim with the new goods hoist range was to increase the aesthetic level and efficiency of the intrinsic design. For too long industrial engineers have built products with a poor finish and little thought of the end user and their needs.”

Applications include dock levelers, self-storage units, mezzanine and between floor lifts, warehouse and office lifts.

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