Safe motion control from Pilz Australia

The Pilz Motion Control range (PMC) provides an overall solution for automation applications.

A new generation of drive-integrated automation systems, PMCprimo Drive, and servo amplifiers, PMCtendo DD, makes the product range more compact and more powerful. Features of the PMCprimo D3 and PMCtendo DD5 include quieter running and faster commissioning, 30 per cent smaller dimensions and a significant cost saving.

Faster processors and more effective control loops have enabled enhanced performance and thanks to innovative technology, PMCprimo Drive3 and PMCtendo DD5 are not only more economical but also save space in the control cabinet because of their more compact dimensions.

PMCprimo Drive – Economical right from the first axis.

This automation system is ideal for motion and control functions from one to nine axes. Drive-integrated means that users have intelligence and drive within the same compact unit and there is no need for a separate servo amplifier. PMCprimo Drive enables you to
implement functions such as cross cutting, flying saw or labelling as the process is running, without the need for extensive programming.

PMCtendo DD servo amplifier for different motor technologies.

This servo amplifier enables you to operate all common types of motor, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. In addition to the power supply and motor drive the PMCtendo DD can also undertake additional functions such as positioning or speed and torque control. Optional bus cards make the servo amplifier compatible with a wide range of control systems.

With the servo amplifiers PMCprotego DS, control logic and motion monitoring are separate. Motion is monitored precisely where it arises. This means that reaction times are reduced considerably. That’s a key factor, particularly for safety on highly dynamic axis.

At the same time, fewer additional external safety components are required, so costs are also reduced. The integration of safety into the drive – safe motion in other words – opens up new horizons for interaction between man and machine.

The combination of drive and safety technology, coupled with a complete range of services including drive configuration, hardware/software design and commissioning, means Pilz can offer a complete solution.

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