Saacke low calorific fuel burners

In view of rising ecological demands, SAACKE places special weight on the development of “clean” firing systems for environmentally friendly combustion of nearly all gaseous, liquid and dust fuels. One of the focal points is the development of firing systems for alternative fuels that are frequently generated as by-products in industrial production and have to be disposed in an environmentally sound – and usually costly – manner according to legal standards. SAACKE has developed various burner technologies that not only guarantee low-pollution combustion of alternative fuels, such as animal fats, lean gases and dust, but also enable their energetic utilisation. Industrial by-products are turned into valuable sources

of energy that replace natural gas and other expensive primary fuels and thus substantially reduce energy costs. Purchase of such a firing system therefore pays off quickly. In many cases this additionally results in asignificant reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases,particularly CO2.

Saacke design and manufacture the following burners

  • Lean gas flame
  • Glycerine flame
  • Gaseous, liquid or dust
  • Animal fat flame
  • Vinasse flame
  • Such potential savings can be found in a number of sectors. SAACKE firing systems for alternative fuels are used, for example, in the steel, food and chemical industry An SSB-LCG swirl burner, for instance, ensures that lean gases with a low heating value, such those generated as a by-product in steel production, are burned completely. SAACKE has also developed a special burner for the utilisation of biogenic fuels. By means of a SAACKE SSB-LCL, molasses or vinasse, liquid by-products with a very low heating value, can be energetically utilised in the distillation of soy and sugar into bioethanol. As a result, 80 percent of the fossil fuels required thus far for bioethanol production can be saved.For combustion of dry, non-fossil and fossil industrial by-products with a very low heating value, like wood or coal dust, SAACKE employs a special dust burner. This makes it possible to utilise the thermal energy contained in dust and many other dry waste products for industrial purposes through economical and low pollution combustion.