SÖLL Xenon Horizontal Lifeline Cable-Based Anchorage Device

SÖLL Fall Protection products by Sperian Protection continue to lead the world in height and safety devices.

The development of SÖLL Xenon Horizontal Lifeline, a horizontal anchorage device incorporating a flexible wire rope- has placed Sperian Fall Protection even further at the forefront of design and innovation.

 This uniquely designed Xenon system provides “hands-free” fall protection with a shuttle connector that automatically bypasses intermediate supports without disconnecting from the lifeline, and slides freely along the entire length of the system making it not only the safest anchorage system around, but the easiest to use as well.

As the principal components (shuttles, shock absorbers, intermediate anchors and end anchors) are made from stainless steel, the Xenon Horizontal Lifeline also provides the perfect safety solution for installation, maintenance and cleaning at any height- whether it’s being used in an industrial plant, roof top, crane or runway maintenance. Where the system also requires large spans or the use of heavy retractable fall arresters, the new Xenon Overhead Horizontal Lifeline is even better suited.

With Xenon Horizontal Lifeline no spot is too difficult or too dangerous to reach, as the versatile design of the Xenon system permits installation on a variety of configurations:  straight or curved, multiple bends, floors and ridgelines.

Simple to install and easy to maintain, Xenon Lifelines are ideal for cable and meet all global safety standards including (European Standards CE, Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.3, American ANSI Standards & Canadian Standards CSA).