SÖLL GlideLoc® Height Access & Safe-Climbing Systems

Developed by Sperian Fall Protection, the world leader in height safety systems, SÖLL GlideLoc Safe Climbing Systems are engineered for structures requiring permanent fall protection solutions.

The SÖLL GlideLoc Safe Climbing System includes vertical and horizontal anchorage devices with an extensive range of accessories making it possible to adapt the system to most structural profiles. GlideLoc systems are available as ladders as well as Guide Rails that can be retrofitted onto existing ladders. Ladders and Guide Rails are available in aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

In contrast to rope or cable systems, SÖLL GlideLoc systems offers continuous connection hence minimises safety hazards by providing vertical climbing and horizontal access without disconnecting.  The user will be safely in his working area before he disconnects from the fall arrest system.

With enhanced safety features, the patented SÖLL Comfort Fall Arrester connects the worker’s full body harness to the guide rail ensuring complete safety whilst climbing or descending.  The SÖLL Comfort Fall Arrester glides smoothly in the guide rail.  In the event of a fall, the Fall Arrester prevents free falling by self-locking in the rail and stoping the fall within a few centimetres.  Fall Arrest forces of the SÖLL Comfort Fall Arrester are kept down to less than 4kN.

As a means of increasing worker mobility, the GlideLoc design is the only system engineered that enables users to lean forward or backward during descent or ascent – making it ideal for closed-cage environments.

An extensive selection of entry and exit devices, roof ascent or shaft entry equipment makes it possible to design a system that is appropriate for any unique structure, building or installation.   In addition the SÖLL GlideLoc range also offers a large variety of mounting brackets to suit any application.

With minimal maintenance, permanently-installed SÖLL GlideLoc Ladder Systems do not require annual inspection and meets all global safety standards including (European Standards CE, Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.3, American ANSI Standards & Canadian Standards CSA).

For more information on SÖLL GlideLoc Safe Climbing Systems, contact your local Sperian Protection sales representative, phone Customer Service on 1300 139 166 or visit our web site at: www.millerfallprotection.com.au.

For more information contact your local Miller by Sperian Protection sales representative, phone Customer Service on 1300 139 166 or visit www.millerfallprotection.com.au.