To Russia with love from Demag

Demag Cranes and Components, a subsidiary of Demag Cranes AG, has supplied crane systems for the new production location operated by John Deere in Russia.

The order comprises 35 crane installations which operate on two assembly lines run by the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

John Deere built its new manufacturing plant and spare parts distribution centre close to Russia’s largest airport Domodedovo.

The company assembles large tractors, combine harvesters, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, timber harvesters and forwarders in an area measuring 20,000 sqm.

In addition, a 27,000 sqm parts distribution facility has been built to supply John Deere customers direct in Russia and the surrounding markets.

All tractors and harvesters are indexed to pass through individual stations along the two assembly lines at the plant. To create the stations, Demag Cranes & Components erected a total of 18 free-standing steel superstructures which have a footprint of 9.1 x 12m and a height of 8.45m.

Installed along the lines are EPDE and EDKE suspension cranes, which are fitted with DRPro rope hoists for load capacities of between one and five tonnes.

Three pillar-mounted slewing jib cranes, fitted with chain hoists that each have a load capacity of 250kg, support the personnel in the assembly of John Deere products.

Two upstream stations are each equipped with two radio-controlled EPDE suspension cranes that are fitted with DR-Pro rope hoists offering load capacities of 7.5 and 10 tonnes, which can also be operated in tandem mode.

A further benefit offering improved flexibility is provided by the modular design of the manufacturing cells. They can also be moved if the production requirements change –
regardless of the existing building architecture.

“Russia has excellent opportunities to become one of the world’s largest food producers and a supplier of renewable commodities, says John Deere Operations Manager, Alexi Kuznetov. “On the basis of many reference installations in our plants and its global manufacturing organisation, we decided in favour of Demag Cranes & Components in order to implement the entire project in a very tight timeframe.

“A tailored service concept developed by Demag Cranes & Components Russia ensures that the crane installations will be maintained to a high level of availability in future”.

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