Rugged new Ethernet cordsets from Belden

Belden’s rugged new line of Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Cordsets and Patch Cords incorporate M12 technology.

The new Cordsets and Patch Cords are chemical and temperature resistant and incorporate rugged RJ45 connection technology with the proven industrial over moulded Micro (M12) connection technology, which is IP67 rated and typically found in sensor/actuator machine applications. This ensures reliable performance in extreme and mission-critical environments.

They are also manufactured using Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair technology to ensure reliable performance and maximum electrical integrity.

The standard combinations of Hirschmann Cordset and Patch Cords comprise:

  • RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cords
  • M12 (male) to RJ45
  • M12 (male) to M12 (male)
  • RJ45 to M12 (female) panel mount receptacle
  • Includes robotics versions of the above

Belden is the only company to offer a complete industrial solution for Ethernet applications.

Ph: 03 9803 2588