Norman G. Clark Announces

Roller Pinion System -- The Linear Drive Alternative

Nexen offers an advanced technology that revolutionizes linear motion. The Roller Pinion System (RPS) provides zero backlash, very high positional accuracy, unlimited length, very high speeds, 99% efficiency, high rigidity, low noise, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and long life. This opens up new design possibilities and provides the capability to achieve much higher levels of performance in machine designs.

The unique RPS design eliminates many of the limitations of current linear drive systems like:

Ball Screws: Limited by critical speed, maximum speed, cumulative error, vibration, thermal expansion, supplemental cooling, noise, low efficiency, maintenance, and life.

Traditional Rack and Pinion: Limited by low accuracy and speed, backlash, tooth fatigue, noise, high cost of dual and split pinion systems, high maintenance, and short life.

Belt Drives: Limited by low accuracy, backlash, low load capacity, short lengths, belt stretch, and low rigidity.

Linear Motors: Limited by low load capacity, high cost, strong magnetic fields, and liquid cooling.

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Norman G. Clark

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