Roland DG cleans up

Roland DG Australia is a company committed to a cleaner, safer and environmentally responsible workplace.

Recently Roland DG, in partnership with Close The Loop, recycled 1612kg of Roland Ink Cartridges.

This was done as part of its Cartridge Recycling Program, launched in 2008.

Under the program Roland DG collects empty ink cartridges returned by customers, and delivers them in bulk to Close the Loop to recycle, with zero waste, to landfill.

Industry estimates more than 1 billion ink jet cartridges are used worldwide every year.
Last year that number exceeded 2 billion.

Roland DG’s Cartridge Recycle program (CR) is a crucial initiative in addressing this major environmental issue.

All of Roland DG’s cartridges can be recycled, including ECO-SOL MAX, EcoXtreme and EcoXtreme LT cartridges.

Close the Loop was founded in late 2000. Its specific goals are to recycle toner and inkjet cartridges with zero waste to landfill, and returning the raw materials back to the original manufacturer for reuse in new printers and cartridges.

Close the Loop provides these services to OEM’s, co-ordinating takeback from countries around the world for state-of-the-art recycling and resource recovery at their facility in Melbourne.

Roland DG’s environmental pedigree began many years ago.

In 2003 the company revolutionised the digital ink jet print industry by introducing ECO-SOL Inks.

Breaking new ground, Roland’s eco-solvent inks finally eliminated harmful VOC’s that
required expensive and cumbersome ventilation extraction units.

At the end of 2005 Roland DG released the second-generation eco-solvent inks, ECO-SOL MAX. ECO-SOL MAX retained all of the attributes of the original inks, with the added refinements of faster drying times, reduced costs, an even wider gamut, extremely high color density, supreme durability and of course no harmful VOC’s.

The ECO labelling system was introduced in 2007.

Roland DG is committed to ensuring that Roland products meet strict environmental guidelines.

This includes the prevention of global warming, the use of recyclable resources, the increase in environmental awareness and the disclosure of information on the environmental aspects of the product.

“By using Roland OEM inks you are getting a lot more than just the best quality inks on the market, you also get access to premium services such as the Cartridge Recycling Program” said John Wall, from Roland DG.

“This is an excellent program to take advantage of and do your bit for the environment.”

By visiting or sending your empty cartridges to Roland DG’s Sydney or Melbourne office, any authorised Roland DG dealer or Authorised Service Agent in Australia you can help to save the environment.

Roland DG Australia
Ph: 1800 500 119