Robo-Pick named Product of the Year

Recognised earlier this year as the LogiMAT Product of the Year, the Schaefer Robo-Pick also stole the show at CeMAT 2011 in Germany.

The Robo-Pick is the first fully-automatic picking cell that can be seamlessly integrated into existing warehouse architectures.

The Schaefer Robo-Pick (SRP) has been designed to set new standards in picking speeds and picking quality. It can pick up to 2400 picks per hour.

The Robo-Pick is ideally suited for fast and slow-moving products and with high picking
quality and reliability it offers a quick Return-On-Investment.

It incorporates an innovative two-step image processing system that automatically recognises the position of the products on the tray and controls the universal picking robot.

This eliminates the need to enter article characteristics in to the system and physically placing articles into special positions in the storage tote.

The storage trays are analysed and assessed by an image recognition system, which has been specially designed for the SRP.

The required products are picked into the corresponding order tote by the SRP in a matter of seconds.

In addition to the SRP, the SSI Schaefer warehouse control system enables you to perfectly coordinate the sequence of order and storage totes to make best possible use of the efficiency of the picking system.

The Schaefer Robo-Pick is a particularly economic system. The investment costs are less than corresponding conventional Goods to Man stations with equivalent picking performance.

Schaefer Robo-Pick