Right lubrication can save time and oil consumption

Precise control of lubrication applications can reduce oil consumption by up to 90 per cent and eliminate time-consuming cleaning of parts and conveyor downtime.

The AutoJet Electrostatic Lube System from Spraying Systems Co, consists of a base unit, coil lubricator, spot lubricator and timer/control unit, to give optimum distribution of the lubricating fluid.

This guarantees repeatability and eliminates misting and pollution of the work environment through overspray.

Surplus lubricating oil is returned to the supply container to allow easy changeover between various lubricants.

The system’s low-flow injector pumps deliver lubricant precisely to as many as four electrostatic spray nozzles simultaneously and tailored to suit the individual nozzle.

Pumps can be individually adjusted to deliver a precise volume of lubrication to each spray station and can be easily added to the system after initial installation.

The AutoJet base unit is fitted with single or dual reservoirs which are non pressurised and can be filled during operation.

Indexing of each pump allows accurate metering of lubricant. A standard solenoid valve may be chosen for on/off, or optional valves for multiple nozzles and different time sequences or group functions.

Nozzles spray lubricant across the sheet width, thinly and evenly for economy and without any vapour developing.

The control unit features a pre-selection counter which triggers a lubrication pulse on a selected stroke, can accommodate continuous or variable conveyor speeds and alarms notify operators of low oil levels, low air pressure and high voltage faults.

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