Retail store handling paint tins

Company Profile:

Traralgon Paints is a paint distributor with a small warehouse that handles stock of mainly 20 litre drums.


Boxed and drummed paint materials are manually handled within the small warehouse and placed onto racks for storage. When an order is placed individual and multiple material needs to be moved from the shelf to a labelling measuring station.

The Problem:

Paint Materials are either powder or liquid and generally above 15kg per item. Getting these from the shelf onto a trolley then to the measuring bench involved a lot of bending and lifting from floor height.

Product Chosen:

Safebin was chosen for this application because of its simple, automated operation. With consistent load density the spring actuated levelling allows the operated to always lift to and from waist height. As the load is applied the platform is compressed. Powered trolleys could have been utilised by added unnecessary complexity in product and process. Overhead lifting was not viable on this small scale and would only allow movement of one item at a time.
Benefits of this Product:

Provided the ability for manual movement of several drums at one time without the need to bend to floor level when loading and unloading. Safebin, with its 6-wheel design is very manoeuvrable in the tight spaces of the warehouse.


  • Powered Lifting Trolleys such as Safetech’s DC Trolley.
  • Overhead lifting of drums and boxes.