Renting from PLN make cents for Central Logistics

When it comes to contract warehousing and freight management flexibility is the key to success and Adelaide based Central Logistics' Group has evolved over thirty years to be a leader in the field, handling the warehousing and freight management requirements for some of Australia's leading companies. 

With a 12,500m2 warehousing and transport facility at Kidman Park, Central Logistics growth and longevity is testament to their commitement to provide their customers with a range of services that are designed to satisfy both their current and future needs.

According to Mike Wilkins, Central Logistics' Commercial Manager, their contract services include warehousing, break bulk, pick and pack and scan and pack, which alleviates the need for their customers to invest in their own premises and support personnel.

"Due to the diverse nature of our clients' requirements the work load can vary enormously - some days we might handle four B Doubles for one customer, while other days it could be handling multiple 40 or 20 foot containers for another client, so our freight handling capabilities have to be adaptable to meet demand on the day.

"One area that assists us greatly in smoothing out the peaks and troughs in demand is the ablilty to be able to hire in forklifing and pallet stacking equipment when required to supplement our own fleet of lifting equipment. And when the need arises we turn to Powerlift Nissan.

"Our demands can vary greatly and this is where Powerlift Nissan really excel by being able to provide us with a range of short term rental options that range from specialised equipment with lifting capacities that exceed our own fleet of forklifts, throguh to additional electric walkie stackers for stock picking in the busy times.

"Our company's policy is to own our forklift fleet, so to be able to pull in additional resources on a short term rental basis when needed from a reliable supplier like Powerlift Nissan makes more sense than to have capital tied up in equipment that would otherwise be sitting idle for a large part of the year.

"And while we try to give them as much lead time as possible there are times when we need them to respond quickly, and they do.

"With Powerlift Nissan we get a fixed operating price so we know what our costs will be, plus they've taken the time to understand the requirements of our business. Under South Australian law the driveways that seperate  the buildings of the Central Warehousing facility and the Central Freight Management facility is deemed to be a public througoughfare, so any vehicles using it need to be registered. Grant Matthews and the team at Powerlift Nissan know this and always supply rental equipment that will comply.

"In the ten years of dealing with Powerlift Nissan there's rarely been an occasion when they couldnt supply what we needed from stick. In those rare events they have sub-hired equipment from other suppliers rather than let us down, which is a reflection of the professional way they go about their business.

"Since buying six 2.5 tonne PJO2 A25U LPG powered forklifts in 2001 Powerlift Nisan has never let us down, be it with servicing or with renting. Our relationship with PLN has developed to one of trust over the years, so much so that they handle the servicing requirements for all our forklifts and reach trucks - even the non Nissan brands, so for us they really are a one-stop-shop," Mike said.

Powerlift Nissan's South Australian branch manages a fleet of 400 rental forklifts to service the needs of over 130 customers and according to Grand Matthews, Powerlift Nissan's Rental Manager, their rental service is geared around being able to supply their customers what they need - when they need it.

"Many of our customers prefer to rent on a short or long term basis because it gives them flexibility without having to outlay capital while still getting the full tax benefits and in the case of companies like Central, it gives them access to equipment that's not required on a daily basis.

"Our rental service is competitively priced and geared to supply on demand, plus we offer a full range of specialised attachments - like bail clamps, carton clamps, paper roll clamps, slip sheeters for the wine industry and twin pallet handlers, so we can pretty well handle any request," Grant said.