Reduce vibration with Trelawny

Permanent damage to the hand and arms can result from over exposure to the vibration experienced when operating powered tools and machinery.

Early warning signs of exposure are tingling fingers, numbness and loss of strength in the hands.

As the damage progresses, the symptoms become permanent and the nerves and blood vessels become affected.

Occasional exposure is unlikely to have detrimental effects but regular and frequent exposure to hand arm vibration needs to be managed in order to protect the operator.

Worker exposure can be controlled by eliminating the task, reducing “trigger time” or using vibration reduced tools.

In many cases, the task can’t be eliminated and reducing trigger time just delays the project or reduces efficiency.

Trelawny’s range of vibration reduced tools and equipment from Industrial Air Tools, ensure lower risk of developing a vibration related disability compared with standard tools having higher vibration readings.

Trelawny vibration reduced tools also reduce operator fatigue resulting in increased productivity.

Tools such as needle and chisel scalers, compactors, scabbling hammers, pole scabblers, floor scabblers, floor grinders and floor planers have vibration reduced alternatives which slash vibration often to below 15 per cent of the standard tools. Look for the Vibro Lo logo.

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