Reduce injuries with Warequip powered handtrucks

Warequip has released its latest Powered Handtruck range, featuring the Tiller and the Lift’n Buddy.

Forty per cent of all employees are at risk of injury from lifting. Powered handtrucks improve safety in the work place, decrease work loss and provides for happier employees.

A company working with powered handtrucks satisfies the Health and Safety regulations for physical stress.

There are many advantages gained by using a powered handtruck – it is as manoeuvrable as a standard handtruck and lifting and moving is done with one compact device.

The Tiller is a unique power drive, power lift handtruck that can lift a maximum of 75kg to a height of 1100mm. The Tiller has a feature unlike any other product on the market, the ability to lift itself into a van or onto platforms, which means no tail lift is required.

The Lift’n Buddy combines the best of standard two-wheeled handtrucks with the durability and functionality of a lightweight lifter. It features automatic lifting and lowering capabilities, which allows the operator to set the platform to go up or down at set increments.

The automatic lifting platform eliminates operator bending when loading and unloading the handtruck.

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