Recycled paper creates Good Impressions

Waste handling specialist for the paper industry, Donaldson Australasia, has engineered an innovative waste handling loop solution for a high-output printing company.

The project, for Sydney-based Good Impressions, is one of a growing list of similar solutions installed at Australian printing companies.

Visy Recycling is the end recipient of compacted raw material for its paper/cardboard
recycling plant in Smithfield, Sydney.

Director of Good Impressions, Peter Edwards, says his company has a reputation for being one of the fastest and most accurate printing companies in the Australian market, operating a demanding 24/6 operation.

“There is no valid reason why a resource as important as paper should be wasted in the modern, technological age,” says Mr Edwards.

“Hence we are involved in recycling a lot of the leftover product that goes through our production department.

“It is all expediently collected by our new offcut handling system and Visy, as the end-recipient in our recycling loop – uses the waste to prepare recycled paper and cardboard.

“Good Impressions has grown so quickly in recent years that we had no waste handling system relative to our requirement, so this new Donaldson engineered solution is an excellent recycling and environmental initiative by Visy from the ground up.”

Under the new system, waste output from two automated guillotines is channeled
separately from the rest of the system.

A conveyor belt and gravity take waste straight into the compacting area.

The majority of paper strips and offcuts on the Good Impressions production lines is collected by suction at operating points and carried through a ducting system suspended from the ceiling. This too ends up at the compaction area.

The solution devised offered extraction and separation of paper trim waste where an air/paper separation device used is a separator to give greater advantages in handling than would the more commonly used cyclone.

Advantages are compactness, flexibility and low energy consumption.

Donaldson achieved its major objective for emissions from the system at Good Impressions to be less than the allowable level enforced by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

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