Reach for the top with Nissan

With a rapidly changing business environment material handling companies like Powerlift Nissan – Australia’s long-established Nissan forklift distributor – has seen a steady change in customer requirements.

This has meant an increasing demand for Nissan Forklift’s range of battery electric Warehouse Reach Trucks.

“Businesses need to store and move things more efficiently to get the best returns from expensive floor space and equipment,” says David Miller, Powerlift Nissan’s National Sales Manager.

“Narrow-aisle – or reach-trucks – have always been popular as customers continue to look for greater lift heights to reduce their floor space requirements and aisle count,” says Miller. The trade-off, he says, is the need for more specialised equipment and more highly trained operators.

“When you’re storing products 11m off the ground you need an operator with a high degree of skill and a specialised forklift. Ergonomics, precision and safety are very important and impact directly on productivity, says Miller.

“These trucks are battery powered and we’re seeing significant development focussed on increased battery life, reduced charging times and reduced maintenance. As such it is important to keep equipment up-to-date; ensuring you’re getting the most productivity and lowest running costs from the latest technology. It’s all about up-time.”

Miller says change in the materials handling industry is primarily customer driven.

“Faster, easier and safer are the key words in today’s warehousing with a main driver being the need for just-in-time stock control, says Miller.

“Also, whereas big companies used to lock-in, say, five year logistics contracts, these days a two or three year term is the norm. This keeps suppliers on their toes but means, for example, they need more flexibility in their fleet mix.”

Not only are companies making better use of existing – and planned – warehousing space, but reduced stock levels means reduced storage times, with a resultant increase in forklift utilisation.

Nissan Forklift’s Warehouse Reach Trucks are well up to the task.

Long-life batteries, advanced ergonomics, precision controls and a high level of standard safety equipment all combine to offer businesses and operators alike the best machines at competitive prices.

Powerlift Nissan provides the full range of Nissan Forklift trucks as well as spare parts, finance, rentals, operator training, service and 24/7 on-site support.

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