Re-inventing the wheel (almost)

One of mankind’s earliest inventions – the wheel – has come a long way from its origins as a simple disc hewn from stone.

A US company has recently patented a new bearing design for smaller diameter wheels used in industrial and commercial applications like warehouses, glass and glazing factories, commercial laundries, airport ground equipment, retail and hospitals.

Because of its success in high-use environments, large retail chains like Wal-Mart
and Costco in the US are using the wheels exclusively on equipment in stores and distribution centres.

The new bearing design incorporates two pedestal-style sealed precision ball bearings housed in the hub of the wheel behind a pair of self-lubricating acetal journal bearings.

This effectively shields and protects the precision bearings from dust, moisture and other contaminants that would normally shorten their life.

The design also minimises side wear and wheel wobble by providing support along the whole of the axle length.

The combination of sealed precision bearings and self-lubricating acetal journal
bearings eliminates the need for maintenance virtually for the whole of the life span of the wheel.

When incorporated with resilient and hard-wearing tyre compounds like polyurethane and thermo-plastic elastomer (a synthetic elastic rubber compound) that are mechanically locked on to the centre, the wheels provide added advantages. They have a smooth and quiet rolling action, are easy to manoeuvre, low rolling resistance, easy swivelling and will not mark tiled and vinyl floors.

This helps to reduce fatigue and minimise noise while ensuring that floors stay cleaner.

Now available in Australia from QHDC Australia, these wheels come in a range of sizes including 100, 125, 150 and 200mm diameters.

Capacities range from 250kg up to 550kg per wheel.

They are also available assembled into castor frames with or without brakes.

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