Ranpak: the new force in green packaging

A fully recyclable packaging product, which has had spectacular success in Europe and the US is now taking Australia by storm.

The new product from Ranpak is 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable and is manufactured from raw materials from renewable resources.

This amazing new product has seen doubledigit growth in Europe every year over the past decade.

So what is the product? It’s brown FSC approved paper.

But it’s what the company, Ranpak, does with the paper that makes it great for packaging.

Ranpak’s paper packaging padding and void fill systems are now a proven best solution, designed to give protection in transit, and a no fuss, no mess opening at the destination.

This means a win for customers, a win for the environment and a win for the supplier.

The products – one a void fill system called FillPak, and the other a protection system called PadPak – are available from Ranpak’s Australian distributor, Signet. Signet is now helping more and more customers implement the system into their warehouses, with great results.

“Who would have thought that brown paper would make such a comeback into the
packaging industry?” says Signet managing director Mark Brennan.

“Ranpak has been a fantastic addition to the Signet product range and has delivered our clients great operational value, protection for their products and cost savings.”

Brennan says it doesn’t matter what is being shipped, the Ranpak machines have a solution.

The FillPak TT system has taken the Australian void-fill market by storm, using the recycled brown paper instead of the common alternatives – expensive airbags and messy loose fill.

“The FillPak TT machine fits neatly onto any packing bench and creates a smarter, more
productive packing operation,” Brennan says.

“It saves space in the warehouse, as well as the environment, by using recyclable materials instead of foam or plastic.”

Signet is now offering a 30-day trial on the Ranpak systems.

Ph: 13 74 46