Rags or sorbent pads? The answer is easy …

In today’s industrial scene great emphasis is placed on the environment.

To help protect the environment, efficient sorbent pads offer a new approach and an alternative to rags and ‘kitty litter.’

In the past, most industries have used rags of various grades to handle small wiping and absorbing jobs as a “cost effective” alternative.

But this may be a false economy. Today’s sorbents offer a much higher absorbent capacity than rags.

Likewise, the practice of covering small workshop spills with ‘kitty litter’ is deemed a cheap and satisfactory method. But when the cleanup time and slip hazard is considered this may not be the case.

The logic is surprisingly simple – using less sorbents means less waste to dispose of, and less work as the liquid is cleaned up quicker.

Spilldoktor now offers a range of oil, chemical and universal sorbents pre-packed in handy dispenser cartons.

This makes for simple storage and reduced wastage. It is ideal for use in vehicles and mobile plant.

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