Quiet achiever: Fanquip finds the perfect solution


Air movement specialist Fanquip is providing a customised design and installation service to not only improve air quality, but also maintain peace and quiet.

With the gradual encroachment of residential dwellings into longstanding industrial areas, industry now demands ventilation and acoustic solutions.

Fanquip was recently involved in an installation of this kind in an old industrial area in Sydney.

The challenge was to urgently fit a large-scale production plant with an upgraded air maintenance system, taking into account new residential developments in recent years.

The Fanquip solution had to meet very stringent noise levels for this 24/7 operation. Therefore choosing the right combination of solutions from its lines of Australian-made and designed technology was critical.

The team opted for a system that works around nine of its Profile Based Hooded Roof fans. As a way of equalising the airflow and noise attenuation throughout the massive plant, wall louvres were included in specific locations.

These wall louvres range in size from 2-3sqm each. The end result is primarily a synchronised vent system that draws air in through the twostage acoustic louvres and out via attenuated Hooded Roof Fans, thereby providing optimised airflow with quiet operation.

Also, the Hooded Roof Fans were customised with attenuation covers. This means the units, which operate externally, will reduce noise levels for nearby residential buildings and at the same time maintain external aesthetics.

Made from fibreglass/alloy, Fanquip hooded roof fans are rated as heavy duty and can withstand the force of extreme weather conditions and the threat of erosion.

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