Quick Ejector Coupling System Saves Time & Money

Today more than ever injection moulders are looking for ways to increase productivity in their factories through smart investment. Today every dollar spent needs to show a quick return. Such a product that gives almost instantaneous returns is the FasTie® ejector coupling system from Smartflow

The FasTie® system from Smartflow allows moulders to tie in the mould ejector plate to the machine ejector system, dramatically reducing mould changeover times. This is especially useful where ejector space is limited in the machines.



The FasTie® coupler can be permanently mounted to the machine ejector plate. The quick-connect locking mechanism in the machine mounted coupler simply snaps onto the mould mounted stud when the mould is installed.


Decoupling is even simpler with air being applied to the coupler, which opens to release the stud. The tool can then be removed and the coupler remains in the open position ready for the next tool.


FasTie® is available in a variety of configurations for both centre ejector and multiple ejector tools. Machine sizes below 500 tonnes utilize a 1” coupler while above 500 tonnes a 2” model is employed.