Quick, effective response to chemical spills

Enware has developed a broad spectrum toxic chemical spill response kit for a variety of industry applications.

The new kit is designed to end potential confusion and delay in responding to a wide
range of hazardous chemical spills and vapours leaks in laboratories, including commercial, industrial, scientific, educational and medical facilities.

“FAST-ACT helps eliminate hesitation and delay in emergencies because users don’t have to think about which treatment to use,” says Enware Business Development Manager, Environmental and Health, Mr Scott Whittaker.

It is effective over such a broad range of potentially hazardous substances that it effectively replaces as many as five different treatments that would be otherwise required.

FAST-ACT is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly sorbent that is easy to maintain and use, requires no pre-mixing and has no limited shelf life.

Originally, it was developed for the military to counter Chemical Warfare Agents and CWAs.

FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Treatment – Against Chemical Threats) has also been successfully trialled on hydrofluoric acid at the Australian National University to complement its successful use on the most Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) in the market.

FAST-ACT rapidly neutralises a broad spectrum of toxic chemicals including acids, solvents, halogens, acidic and caustic gases, phosphorus and organic compounds.

It offers one-step neutralisation of a broad spectrum of liquid or vapour spills found in laboratories used by organizations including: defence, emergency services, educational, government, hospitals and medical, chemical manufacturing, general manufacturing, mining and resources, materials handling, petroleum and energy, process engineering and transport.

The technology break-through enables relatively small quantities of product to be used immediately on toxic liquid or vapour incidents.

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