QUICK: don’t miss this new knurling tool

Austrian based Swarovski Optik has a longstanding reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes.

In future, however, the family company intends to place a greater focus more on its strengths in the industrial sector and has appointed a new team to expand this side of the business.

As part of this, the company presents the new, modular and flexible B2 form knurling tool from QUICK.

Under the QUICK brand, the Tyrolean company has been successfully developing and manufacturing cut knurling tools for a number of decades, which are primarily used in the machine tool, automotive and electrical industries.

With the B2 form knurling tools, Swarovski Optik/QUICK is targeting companies looking
for the best tool for creating precise knurls on a wide variety of workpieces, including rollers, dowels and hand wheels.

The modular B2 form knurling tool can be used as both a right-hand and left-hand tool with one or two knurling wheels as an option to guarantee the highest level of flexibility. The tool body is mounted using backlash-free surface clamping to reduce vibrations and, together with the coolant nozzle, provide the greatest possible service life.

“We are expanding our product range to include form knurling tools at the request of our sales partners, who have often been working successfully with the particularly long-life QUICK tools for a number of decades,“ says Robert Massimo, Marketing and Sales Manager at Swarovski Optik.

“We view this tactical expansion of our product range as a way to meet the market demand for high-quality knurling tools while once again being one step ahead when it comes to innovation and the design of knurling tools.”

Represented in Australia by MTI Qualos, QUICK knurling tools are setting new standards in terms of stability, flexibility and service life.

The full QUICK form knurling product range including the new B1 and B0 form knurling tool will be presented at the EMO 2011 in Germany later this year.

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