Quantum ESP: a revolutionary new concept in waterjet cutting

Environmentally friendly pump delivers big cost savings

The Techni Waterjet Quantum ESP is a revolutionary concept in waterjet cutting.

It incorporates a servo motor directly enveloping a high load, precision ball screw.

The ball screw directly houses the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate back and forth to
create the pumping action, in much the same way as a hydraulic cylinder works on an intensifier pump.

The infinite control of the servo motor and precision of the ball screw, enable extremely accurate control over the output pressure and volume of the water displaced, and eliminates pressure spikes when deadheading.

This infinite control gives an operator the ability to program virtually any pressure and flow rate from zero to full capacity, while only using the power displaced at the cutting head.

Techni managing director Darren Reukers says the Quantum ESP is the most efficient waterjet pump available on the market, delivering significant efficiency gains and savings.

The Quantum ESP is the most environmentally friendly waterjet cutting pump available, he says, with the least affect on global warming and the smallest carbon footprint.

The high level of efficiency achieved by the Quantum ESP substantially reduces the
energy consumed and the water required.

A company running a single head waterjet cutting machine with the Quantum ESP for a single shift for a year could be expected to save about 32,000 kW hrs – a saving of more than $5000 in electricity charges. This would reduce harmful CO2 green house gases by 18 tonnes a year.

Water consumption savings of about 290,000 gallons/yr can also be achieved, resulting in savings of more than $2300 a year.

Direct drive crankshaft pumps have traditionally been marketed for their efficiency. They are only efficient, however, while the cutting head is open and the full capacity of the pump is being used.

When the head closes while the material is being loaded, unloaded, and re-loaded, or while the machine positions for the next cut, almost all of the energy is directed over a relief valve, literally sending power, water and money down the drain.

Intensifier pumps are inherently less efficient due to the power required to simply run the hydraulic system. They also use a large percentage of their power regardless whether cutting or idle, as the hydraulic oil is passed over a relief valve in the hydraulic system.

The Quantum ESP only ever uses the power required for the cutting process. This means that regardless of whether the cutting head is open or closed, or the pressure or flow is reduced, there are no additional power losses.

As with any profile cutting machine, a percentage of time is used positioning the head between cuts and while sheets are being loaded and unloaded.

Typical duty cycles range from 90 per cent for heavy plate cutting, down to 20 per cent
for plastics, foams and automotive trim components.

Most common waterjet applications such as metal cutting, fabrication, stone, and glass run at about a 60 per cent duty cycle.

This revolutionary product follows other industry “firsts” from Techni Waterjet including Breakaway Head, Precision Stainless Steel Band Drive (PSSBD), Techjet-X2 Linear Magnetic Scales Feedback, Tech-Sense, Abrasive Monitoring System and the PAC55 5-axis bevel cutting with taper elimination.

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