Quantima – a quantum leap forward in energy reduction

A revolutionary advance in compressor technologynow available in Australia can provide major environmental benefits and substantial cost savings for industry.

The Quantima, developed by leading compressed air and gas system manufacturer CompAir, can cut energy costs by up to 25 percent and greenhouse emissions by 35 percent and its oil-free technology and greater efficiency

A number of leading businesses have already installed the new oil-free technology with great results.

Australia’s biggest milk processor, the Murray Goulburn Co-operative installed the Quantima system at its Leongatha plant in Victoria and in just five months, reduced energy and maintenance costs by $147,000 and cut carbon emissions by 1900 tonnes.

With Australia’s carbon emissions trading scheme commencing in 2010, every tonne of carbon saved would be money in the bank, said CompAir’s managing director Gary Woodhead.

"So as well as the energy and maintenance savings, industry will earn carbon credits and importantly, compress their carbon footprint," Mr Woodhead said.

A 300kw Quantima could cut carbon dioxideemissions by nearly 2000 tonnes over 10 years,he added.

Quantima’s revolutionary compression assemblyhas only one moving part spinning in a magneticfield, providing reduced energy consumption and improved environmental performance.

It is more compact and quieter than comparable compressors, and provides variablespeed operations without a gearbox or oil.