QHDC: a leader in metal coatings for 25 years

Tucked in behind the Gold Coast’s great beaches and “glitter strip” is a company whose business has always involved protective metal coatings and finishes.

From its early days as a small powder coater serving the local market some 25 years ago, QHDC (formerly Queensland Heavy Duty Coatings), a family owned and operated business, has expanded and diversified its activities to include the application of specialised coatings to metal components and shopping trolleys now serving the whole of Australia and NZ.

Core activities at QHDC’s factory include a coating plant for pipes, valves and fittings using the French manufactured Rilsan Brand nylon 11 that provides protection against corrosion, mechanical impact and chemical attack.

The coated components are used mainly in treated and fresh water reticulation, though Rilsan is also ideal for use with many fluids including effluent, grey water and salt water as well as oils and hydrocarbons.

It also has potential in applications in mining, slurry pumping and filtration where steel, cast iron and alloy parts require strong and unique protection.

The smooth surface provided by Rilsan helps to reduce linear pressure loss and fouling from surface adhesion. It also provides exceptional wear, corrosion and cavitation resistance.

QHDC also operates a large burn-off oven and grit blasting plant to remove existing coatings and finishes for customers. This provides an ideal pre-finish for the Rilsan or powder coating, zinc plating and paint.

An experiment in applying nylon coating shopping to trolley baskets about 15 years ago lead QHDC to refurbish tens of thousands of shopping trolleys for one major retail chain and ultimately to the development of a full range of new nylon coated trolleys that are used widely throughout the retail sector today.

The Rilsan nylon coating not only provides protection to the wire trolley basket but also adds a colourful, hygienic and smooth, warm finish.

Nylon coated trolleys will last up to twice as long and more as their zinc plated counterparts.

QHDC’s factory can coat and assemble over 3000 trolleys per week.

One key component of the trolley, the often much maligned castor wheel has become QHDC’s more recent focus.

Teaming up with Muvtons India, QHDC has brought into Australia a wide range of premium heavy duty castors and wheels ranging in capacity from 200kg right up to 11,500kg (not quite your average shopping trolley).

Wheels and castors often become neglected and are seldom maintained until they fail.

Muvtons, a recognised manufacturer serving all major international markets, have focussed on providing low maintenance wheels and castors that will perform in the toughest of applications for long periods with little or no servicing.

QHDC’s has ambitious plans to expand its business in this sector by adding to the range with applications across the market spectrum.

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