PVC Visiflex strip doors available from DMF

The PVC Visiflex strip doors can be used for a variety of applications other than just doorways and impact doors.

DMF has supplied for many projects where the PVC strips are used as a partitioning to separate areas of processing or packing.

By using the PVC, access can still be maintained along all points of the PVC partition. This form of partitioning can be far less costly than some other forms of construction.

Because DMF carry a large range of sizes, the individual strips can be as narrow as 100mm, up to 2200mm depending on the thickness required. And with specialised manufacture, DMF can cater for ceilings that are raked or applications that include gantry cranes.

Maybe the application requires a visual barrier or suppression of light. DMF can supply translucent coloured PVC to give this desired effect.

Other products of DMF International include Swingflex impact type doors and rapid auto roll doors.