Purging unclean air from confined spaces can save lives

Unwanted gas in confined work spaces not only can harm the health of workers, it can also damage your industrial premises.

Many gases have a long-term effect on concrete, causing widespread damage.

Air movement specialist Fanquip has a range of products designed to combat the invisible danger – gas.

The company’s purging fans are a key component in fixing gas problems typically found in confined spaces.

Public works and waste handling areas are prime examples of sites where toxic and carcinogenic gases can be omnipresent. Yet, effective solutions are sometimes overlooked.

These gases can easily be totally purged or contained where necessary.

Over a period of time some gases produce an enzyme that rots concrete to the point where the steel reinforcement is showing through.

This is an indication that strong carcinogenic gas is present and a purging system must be set up immediately to counter the problem.

Purging is also an OH&S necessity where employees are working on projects where various gases such as methane or carbon dioxide are present. If left unpurged such gases can cause chronic diseases in staff that may be exposed.

Wells, drains and other sites that involve below-ground or urban bore-area work are further examples of potential gas-filled areas where purging is required to avoid exposing workers to the inhalation risks.

Other areas of application include grease traps, sewers, factories, food processing plants, livestock and primary industry operations, pharmaceutical laboratories, foundries, tunnels and excavations, mine operations, and general manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Fanquip units can maintain a supply of clean air for workers in these areas.

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