Promoting the Australian Made logo a major production

The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign’s promotion of the AMAG logo in Australia exceeded $3 million last financial year.

AMAG conducts an extensive marketing and advertising program to promote brand awareness.

This includes TV, radio, outdoor billboards, cinema, shop-a-lites, newspapers and consumer, trade and business magazines.

AMAG is also involved in numerous tradeshows and sponsorships.

AMAG spends an additional $1.2 million on public relations.

And the promotion of the logo does not stop there.

Every business registered to use the AMAG logo undertakes its own promotional  campaign. There is much value to be gained in promoting Australian made products.

This is why the AMAG logo is so popular and gets phenomenal exposure.

The fact that 95 per cent of Australians recognise the logo (and 85 per cent trust it more
than other country of origin identifiers such as flags, maps, pictures of animals and even the words ‘made in Australia’) gives testament to this.

The promotional activities of many of AMAG’s licensees are huge. Harvey Norman, Bev Marks, Coles, Woolworths, Forty Winks, Kellogg, Kraft, BlueScope Steel, Bob Jane T-Marts, Aldi and Franklins are just some of AMAG’s licensees that promote the logo extensively in their marketing campaigns – because it works.

The collective promotion of the logo is estimated to run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

If your products are genuinely Australian, your company can use this proven, effective
and positive marketing tool – the AMAG logo.

For more information about AMAG and how to register to use the Australian Made logo contact:

Australian Made, Australian Grown
Ph: 1800 350 520