Prodeck Platform Scales For Ford’s Testing Facility.

 Accuweigh recently supplied four of their heavy duty Prodeck platform scales for vehicle weighing applications at Ford’s Geelong Test Facility. These floor scales will be used for performing random weight distribution tests in Ford’s quality control program.


Accuweigh’s Victorian Manager, Jason Ferguson, offered the Prodeck platform scales as the best solution to suit Ford’s need to be able to drive vehicles from all angles across the pit mounted floor scales, including while the vehicle is turning. Most platform scales are very suspectible to damage from turning moments applied to the actual weighing deck, but not so with Accuweigh’s Prodeck platform scales which uses patented weigh bars rather than standard loadcells.


The Avery Weightronix weigh bars are extremely resilant to external turning moments and the Weigh Bars are usually fully operative even after the platform scale frame or deck has been nearly totally destroyed by external forces. Another bonus of the Prodeck platform scales is the very low profile of the Prodeck only requires a shallow pit which saves significantly on installation costs if they need to be fitted flush with floor level.


The prodecks are mounted in a group, approx 1 metre apart to allow easy positioning of the cars wheels onto the weighing surfaces. Four (4) Avery E1005 digital weight indicators are used to display the accurate weight readings and although these are wall mounted nearly 10 metres away, the large displays on these indicators ensure they are still very visible from the weighing decks.

Accuweigh is Australia's largets industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states.