Process Chilling for any industry


Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture chilling systems for a large range of industries. In 2005 they announced their release of air cooled and water cooled chillers which were specifically designed for the plastics industry.

At this time improvements that were made to the water chiller system included full system diagnostic feedback by using plc control as well as the added feature of remotely resetting control stages within the chiller. The way this is done is via a central plant control room, remotely by dialup or by SMS to a mobile phone

This range of chillers at the time was specifically improved with Australia’s environment in mind. The improvements that were made included a weather impact resistance cabinet, and resizing of essential components like condensers and pumps to cope with excessive heat, humidity, wet or cold. In addition to this there are auto shut off safety switches on every compartment. “Machines manufactured in Europe, the USA, or Asia cannot guarantee this durability.” Stated Summit Matsu Chillers general manager, Daniel Rollston pointing out the excellent quality of the chiller range released at this time.

More improvements that came with this 2005 range of chillers included easier panel access, electrical cabinet access, and full and easy access to all essential operating components such as compressors, fans, and pumps for easy service or replacement.

Summit Matsu Chillers are well equipped to take part in any required cooling system implementation. Summit Matsu Chilling Systems are experts when it comes to the design of closed loop systems and storage tank. After over 50 years of experience in the industry Summit Matsu Chillers are capable of manufacturing customized chillers for even the most unthinkable of requirements. Further to the manufacturing of chillers, Summit Matsu Chillers have service agents Australia wide and in South East Asia who ensure chillers are maintained so they last as lo

ng as possible.

Summit Matsu Chillers manufacture locally out of Alexandria in Sydney, Australia and export world wide. As well as the plastics industry, Summit Matsu Chillers services to industries such as oil and petroleum refineries, power stations, mining shaft cooling, precision, engineering, lasers, baking and food manufacturing.

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