Problem solving: CTPM takes the pressure down for QLD company

Sucrogen BioEthanol, based at Sarina in Central QLD, produces 66 million litres of ethanol a year. Like many organisations, they were seeking effective ways to solve their workplace problems.

Introducing CTPM Australasia’s Frontline Problem Solving to the workplace has been a major step in the right direction.

Implementing the problem solving methodology throughout the site was never going to be easy, but the leadership team developed an approach, which provides a great foundation for future success.

One of the on-site teams focused on a major operational issue associated with the distillation column, where an increase in the base pressure in the column could result in a plant shut down due to a safety issue with the potential for an uncontrolled release of Ethanol.

The team was able to develop a detailed problem specification that in particular confirmed when the problem occurred. Following the initial description of the problem, the team developed a thorough Cause and Effect Diagram that highlighted a number of possible causes.

Using the multi-voting technique to breakdown the Cause and Effect diagram, the two most likely possible causes were subjected to a rigorous Why - Why Root Cause Analysis.

One possible cause was deemed to be the most probable and the solution to modify the distillation column control philosophy was implemented.

During this improvement a considerable insight into the process was gained and this knowledge was captured, recorded and transferred to all operators.

The implementation of the problem solving approach generated a deeper understanding of operations, a rapid progression to the cause, greater team involvement and a structured process for all too continually follow.

CTPM offers a number of opportunities to learn and expand your understanding of the problem solving process.

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